Thursday, August 22, 2013

Welcome to a new year in 3rd Grade!
We have had two exciting days of getting to know each other and the classroom! 

Right now the homework is:

  • Read 20 minutes every night
  • Star of the Week poster is due Monday

Our class song is "Safe and Sound" by Capital Cities, and we created some new rules today!

I'm looking forward to a fantastic year! 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

And the special word is!!

Hi Kiddos and Parents!

The homework for the night was to look at the blog and find the special word.  Write it on a piece of paper and bring it to school tomorrow.  This way I know that you know how to find the blog.


:)  Yep, that's the word.  

Congratulations, you are almost done with the first week of school!

Can't wait to see you tomorrow!

-Miss Werner

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Don Bosco School for Disabilities

After we began meeting with schools we received the sad news that one of the schools that we were helping was being helped by many other organizations.  Mostly I felt lied to, cheated, and a little on the jaded side.  Thank goodness for SAPID, an amazing organization run by the most stunning Indian women, they knew of some other schools in dire need for help.  This school being one of them! We scheduled to do murals and work with this school, unfortunately I wasn't able to be there to see the murals completed but I wanted to show you the ANGELS that go to this school, and the woman responsible for it all.

The day we went to visit was one crazy, long, hot day.  That morning we took the hour long bus ride out to the slums to teach hand washing at the Grace School.  The headmaster and his wife always make us something delicious, well his wife always did, and we really had no time to stay and eat.  Indian's do not understand how we Americans like to pack our schedules.  Or maybe I should clarify- how I like to pack my schedule.  Especially my last two weeks- overbooking was an understatement.  But, back to the school.  This school charges NO admission fees... which is unheard of in India!! This school was one of the best equipped and this woman has devoted her life to these children with disabilities.  It is admirable.  Especially in a culture that is so archaic in their views of people with disabilities.  

Well, back to the Angels!

So Happy! :)

The guy on the left kept kissing my hand and trying to touch my hair!!! He was the sweetest!

This lovely lady was the most outspoken and happiest lil lady ever! She went with us through our whole tour.  What a doll!

I love these braids that all the girls wear to school!

The headmaster of the school also has arranged for Autos to pick all the students up to take them to school and back home everyday.  No charge to their parents.  Most of these children come from uneducated parents.
I told you about the angels! She is one of them! :)

Don't you just love the smile of the girl on the bottom right!!! 


 I was SHOCKED at the equipment that the headmaster was able to have donated! It might look scary but I was amazed just to see it! 
 So beautiful!

 Their cafeteria! And on the left is Urmi- one of the beautiful ladies from SAPID! 
Her story is amazing!! She came from an upperclass Muslim family, she disobeyed family orders and married a catholic for love.  It took very long for her family to forgive her- but she is an inspiration to me everyday! (she is actually lucky that she didn't loose her life!)

 We couldn't really get them to all look at the camera at the same time! :)

The lady on the right in the purple saree is Meera- she is the founder of SAPID! You want to get things done, talk to her! She doesn't mess around!

 The woman in magenta is the headmaster and founder of The Don Bosco School.  What a random name for a Indian school!

 Serving angels just makes ya happy! Can't ya tell!! :)

 This is the portion of the school for non disabled students. One parents in the community found out that she was teaching disabled students at the same school she lost almost 70% of her students.  Its not like disabilities are contagious! C'mon people!

 The big brown eyes kill me every time! 

I am amazed at all the people all over the world who work tirelessly day in an day out to serve those in need! These women will be blessed for the lives they change!

Love to you all!!!


Monday, August 8, 2011

I'm Back!!!

I am sure many of you have been wondering! What happened to the many adventures of LZ! Well, no need to fear, they are still here! After my computer was taken without my permission I fell REALLY REALLY far behind on my blogging.  Which means I have not been sharing my adventures! Even though I am home from India and back in the States I will still do my very best to continue to share the AMAZING, I'm not sure that is the right word, but a time in my life that I will treasure!

So stay tuned!!! There is more to come! :)

Love you all!


P.S. Below is just a lil treat! It is video of these beautiful elementary girls singing a traditional Indian song!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Beginning of the Mural Project

One of my main goals coming to India was to do something within the education field.  We have tried working with many partners and we finally have had our breakthrough!!!

A project that is meaningful, sustainable, and a way to get our hands dirty!!!!!!

I know that you are wondering... "India? It's a dirty place how hard could it be??"  Let me tell you, when it has come to projects unless you have been working on soilettes it has been a little difficult!
But alas.... SUCCESS!!!!

The answer: 


Below is the first school that we were able to work on.  The Principal and the teachers are so dedicated and kind! It didn't feel like we were providing any kind of service, but more that we were being served.  It is located in a place called Balajinagar outside of the Slum Village where the Soilettes are being built.  



Middle Continued...


I just realized that we didn't get a finished picture of the Telegu alphabet!!! Oops... this is what it looked like half way through!!!!



We left a love note! :D

 These women are amazing!
(No, not us silly, the Principal and Teachers!)

It is amazing to think that a few hours of work will be used by school teachers and children for the next 10 years.  I know that I will never forget these kind people.

We started working on another school in Balajinagar today and are going to Medak tomorrow to work on at least one more school! Stay tuned for more pictures.

Moral of the story:
Most of the people on our team didn't think that we were artistic...
so the moral is you can do anything for the people we love.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011



We are stuck inside our apartment. 

We are on the second day of rebel riots in Hyderabad.  We are in no real danger.  So far the Telgana (the protesting group) have just placed bans on petrol (gas) so they have basically shut down transportation.  They have been pulling buses over, evacuating- thank goodness, and then burning the buses.  There have been no one actually fighting.

I can't say that I disagree with what they are fighting for.  India has three times the population of the United States and only 28 states.  It is very hard to manage the amount of people in these states.  These protestors are looking to split the state I am living Andrah Pradesh.  

I decided to be a little risky and drive in one of these today... I did not go far to be safe.
We call them Autos.  It was more than double to ride in one today.... hopefully this ban will be over soon.

We have fit 10 people in one of these before, NOT counting the driver! 

This transportation issue means that we also do not have our cook... Sister Shylaja! LOVE HER LITTLE GUTS! She comes and cooks us a meal mon- sat.  Homemade Indian food... yum!!!

 Sometimes she lets us help... sometimes we aren't very good help! But it is the thought that counts right?!? :)

She does all this wonderful cooking for 20 people on a 2 burner stove, powered by a propane tank... amazing! 

Here is Sister Shylaja (we call her sister alice for short!)  and I at an engagement party.  She thought I was CRAZY trying to take a picture of us myself.... that is her giggling at my craziness!!

I promised myself I would keep this short! 

Just know that I am safe, happy and that I LOVE YOU ALL!

With Love,


Saturday, July 2, 2011

School Visit Continued...

 I am going to try to capture the rest of my visit to Shankarpally in this blog post.
Here is a teacher at the local government school in this village.  This is a village that is 98% child labor free thanks to an organization called the MV Foundation.  It has been many years in the making, but how exciting! Especially to see the amount of girls in the schools.  

This is a house across the street from the school.

 Some of the kids were pretty shy.  Most of these children have never seen white people and I am happy that I didn't scare anyone with my lily white skin.  I have made children cry.

 Kids are the same no matter where you go.  Picking noses is a constant!!! :)

This is VERY traditional clothing, only little girls still wear clothes like this here.

This is one of the schools that I have seen so many things on the walls and so many materials.  Mostly it is blank walls with a backpack and a slate to write on.

 After we sang a song for them they sang this adorable song for us.  I loved it! 

It was a rough day... on trains and buses and rickshaws... Feel free to laugh as much as you want at my hair!! I am almost a little embarrassed to put this up!

Just temporarily being shy. 

 Curious much??

The one in the middle with the facial deformities was my favorite! What a sweet kid.

The beginning of the most squished auto ride.  We fit 9 people in this tiny thing.  

Lexi being squished... 

Miss Ashlee also very squished.  Her hair was PRICELESS when we got out of the auto.

The bus ride home!!!!! WE ACTUALLY HAD SEATS!!!!!! It was a miracle!

 Did someone say FISH HEADS FOR DINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YUCK!!!!!!!!!!

 I can't believe how much has happened and what I have seen since I took this pictures almost four weeks ago.  I am desperately searching for my cord to hook my camera up so that I can share my latest adventures.

Since these pictures I have visited many more schools, the slums, Hospet, Hampi, and Badami ruins, I have so much to share!

This really has been a fantastic opportunity for me to learn about another culture, learn about myself, and have many chances to help and serve.  Living in a 3 room apartment with 17 people has definitely provided the opportunity to serve even when I am not out in the community! However there are some definite comforts of home that I am missing!

How time flies!!